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Daience University President

Welcome to Daience University, a single-purpose institution striving to advance education and training in cyber security and data science for both practitioners and business leaders who need to be able to assess risk and understand business impact. At Daience University, we measure our success in part through student satisfaction. We strive to be identified by our students as a source of individual attention, quality services, and the continued support needed to achieve goals. Whether you are an experienced IT professional, recently completed an undergraduate degree, or are a business professional outside of IT, we understand your needs and have built our program with you in mind. Most of our students are employed full time and we expect that our education will be delivered in parallel to your professional practice.

Our students will excel because Daience University is dedicated to supporting students throughout their educational journeys as they strive to enhance their professional and civic lives. Our team works to deliver academic excellence, superior student care, and support through our innovative programs, highly regarded faculty, educational partnerships, and our singular commitment to cyber security.

Daience University is committed to providing students with a current, professional curriculum taught by excellent faculty members who are leaders in their fields. Our faculty have practical experience in cyber security and data science as well as doctoral degrees in the field. They have drawn on both their education and experience in the creation of the curriculum to ensure it is current, relevant, and engaging for our students.

Students choose Daience University because they want an excellent education from an institution completely focused on cyber security industry needs. And that is what Daience University is, from its founder to its faculty, students will benefit from the institution’s mission-driven focus.

Our faculty and staff welcome you, an inspiring and aspiring group of industry practitioners and leaders, ready to take your profession to the next level, whether working in IT or working in a field that is impacted by IT. Again, we welcome you to Daience University. You have made a great choice in coming here.

Dr. Gregory Brown
President, Daience University

Our Vision

In the ever-changing IT field, Daience University seeks to be recognized as a quality partner to industry and a quality education provider to students, using technology along with an innovative approach that integrates data science into curriculum with various industry focuses, that will provide students with in-demand skills aligned to both meet current and future industry needs. This unique approach will allow our graduates to get into the growing field of data science with knowledge built around Data Science applications for specific Industries. Do it at DU: Skills Today for Tomorrow's Technology!

Our Mission

The mission of Daience University is to provide industry relevant training with a focus on data science techniques combined with a practical application that enable students to increase their skills and expand their knowledge. Daience University seeks to fulfill its mission by offering affordable, quality distance education programs, providing access and opportunity globally and creating a diverse learning community.